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XPEL Paint Protection Film: FULL BODY

XPEL Paint Protection Film: FULL BODY

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XPEL Paint Protection Film is hands down the best way to truly protect your vehicles finish. Paint Protection Film works to actively fight against harmful road debris, rock chips, grocery carts roaming free and swiping your vehicle at the grocery store, fading, dulling, and oxidizing from sunlight and just about anything else the environmental elements can throw at it! 

At Texas Premier, we strive our best to wrap all edges at the end of each panel. Texas Premier uses mostly printed kits so no knifes will be used on the paint! On top of that, we apply a complimentary 10-Year Ceramic Coating on all areas we cover in XPEL Paint Protection Film!

With our full body paint protection kit, you can be rest assured that all painted surfaces on your vehicle will be full covered and protected! With our full body kit, you also unlock 3 different color options:

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus - A Clear Glossy Film that adds depth and clarity to your vehicles paint for years to come!
  • XPEL Ultimate Plus Black - A Gloss Black Film that will transform the current finish on your vehicle!
  • XPEL Stealth - A Matte Film that will turn your vehicle current gloss paint, into a matte finish. 

After payment, we will contact you within 24 hours to book an appointment for your vehicle!

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